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Title: Memories of Air
Author: [livejournal.com profile] miss_m_cricket
Fandom: Dragon Age
Pairing: Nathaniel Howe / M!Cousland
Giftee: [livejournal.com profile] rinji
Rating: PG-13
For: [livejournal.com profile] swooping_is_bad's Secret Swooper

Summary: So entwined were they, there was no space between them for the breeze to sweep through so it curled around them, capturing this new memory.

A/N: So...this turned out to be sadder and more angsty than I expected. I have a backstory in my head of course...but the reader is welcome to think of their own scenario to this scene.

Memories of Air

The Keep courtyard was empty and dark.

A cool breeze swept down into the walled area, tumbling through the training yards, through the forges, and down the worn smooth steps.

It caught in the dark auburn hair of the man standing at the fence to the training yards, blowing it around a solemn face with a pair of thoughtful blue eyes. Slowly the breeze swirled up around him, ruffling the comfortable black tunic and breeches.

His hand rose and he pushed the slightly scruffy, hair blowing into his eyes back behind his ears, frowning slightly as he focused back on the set of targets far out in the centre of the field. The sensual mouth turned down in the corners, and the lower lip was caught gently between the teeth in a gesture of sadness and regret.

The breeze swept away, flowing around the dusty field and up through the levels of the Keep, catching the memories of those that had been there that day.

It heard the memories of cheering, of little puffs of air caused by the sweeping of large flags. It caught the echoes of clapping and the shadows of waving arms and jumping figures.

The breeze swirled down again, past the man on the boundary edge and up the stairs behind him, to twine up around the taller form of another man standing there, watching.

It caught his thicker and darker hair, damp from water and ruffling against his neck and lifted it, tumbling the dark strands. The man didn’t notice, his grey eyes, framed by weary lines, rested on the slighter figure of the man below.

He was dressed in similar clothing to the other man, comfortable tunic and breeches, that the breeze plucked at, tugging this way and that, pulling tight against him and then away.

A single word left the dark haired man’s mouth and the breeze caught it and swept it over to the ear of the other. The smaller man turned, blue eyes lighting up as they caught sight of the other.

The dark haired man walked down the stairs, the breeze eddying around him and the blue eyed man took a step towards him, arms lifting, reaching.

They met and the breeze swirled up and around them, catching chestnut and dark strands of hair and twining them together, so one could not separate them.

So entwined were they, there was no space between them for the breeze to sweep through so it curled around them, capturing this new memory.

The entwined dark and light strands swept around the pale faces, brushing against the lips pressed together. It caught a single tear drop as it fell from one eye and trailed over the cheeks of the two men, pressed together, joining them in joy and sorrow.

The breeze swirled up around them, and up into the night sky, hearing a call of time immemorial to fly far and wide. The two men dwindled into the distance, until they could no longer be distinguished as two separate beings.

Caught on the wind flowing away, a single entwined strand of one light and one dark hair disappeared into the night, to be carried forever in the memory of the wind.
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