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Title: Crossbow and Spyglass
Author: [livejournal.com profile] miss_m_cricket
Fandom: Dragon Age
Pairing: Sigrun/Varric
Prompter: [livejournal.com profile] daerksiea
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Sigrun getting jealous over Bianca but in turn have Varric get jealous over Sigrun's spyglass. lol Not nesscarily a smut but on thier adventure there must be chest hair snuggling...

Summary: Sigrun reckons that it’s not such a big leap to be horrendously jealous of that damn crossbow.


Crossbow and Spyglass

Sigrun reckons that it’s not such a big leap to be horrendously jealous of that damn crossbow.

Ever since Amell had hauled all their arses here, following the ghostly trail of Anders and Justice and also ironically enough the Commander’s cousin, the Wardens have been fighting alongside Hawke’s companions, adventuring and solving troubles. It’s clear that Amell had missed this kind of life, so no one begrudges them their extended stay in Kirkwall. Least of all Anders, who is relieved not to be hauled back.

However it also means that connections form, eyes are made towards one another, and even some more sordid things happen.

For example, Sigrun has her money on Nathaniel convincing Sebastian to forget those pesky vows of his, and also on Isabella managing to charm the grumpy Velanna into her bed. Either one would be a win for everyone, both Nate and Velanna clearly need the tension blow off.

But then there is Varric.

Varric who is unlike any dwarf she has ever met, beardless, charming, rakish and with chest hair that she longs to stroke and rub against. Varric with his stories, his stylish dress sense and that damn crossbow that goes everywhere with him.

She knows that Amell finds the whole thing bloody hilarious, because the Mage snickers every single time that Sigrun zones out in a fight because Varric is fondling that weapon of his, his fingers curling lovingly over the trigger, his other hand caressing the wood. Ancestors, Sigrun defies any woman to not get a bit wooly about the edges watching a man use his fingers like that...

But Bianca is the reason Sigrun hasn’t made her move. It’s not like she’s shy, being in the Legion of the Dead and facing death and glory at every turn kind of kills off any leanings towards demureness or shyness. What holds her back is the realisation she couldn’t bear the shame of rejection. And whoever Bianca is named after....well. She’s clearly at the forefront of Varric’s mind.


Varric is pretty sure that the spyglass is going to kill him.

He’s glad that the Wardens have stuck around; they are excellent for his stories, make Hawke so much happier and are downright hilarious to watch when pursuing or being pursued by amorous parties. He’s already commissioned a prize for Nathaniel should he succeed with Choir Boy, and from what he saw the other night, it looks like the Howe will be able to claim the prize sooner rather than later.

But he’s also glad they are sticking around because it gives him more time to work his magic with Sigrun. Not only is she beautiful, intelligent and sharp witted, she also has a great sense of humour and could kill him in a moment should she choose to.

Some might call that scary, but for Varric it’s a huge YES PLEASE.

He’s pretty sure she’s interested, Amell isn’t exactly subtle with the hinting, and she seems to enjoy spending time with him. And he enjoys it too.

But he’s damn sure that she doesn’t know how much she’s killing him with her spyglass.

There is nothing more distracting than a gorgeous woman, standing with the wind in her hair, braced on a hill, kitted out in armour, and holding a long round object. A man can’t help it; his mind instantly goes places that it shouldn’t in public.

And it’s not helped by how lovingly she handles it, how her fingers slide gracefully over its smooth length. How can he be charming when the only noise that wants to leave his throat is a strangled noise of desire?

Isabella finds the entire thing hilarious of course. Damn Rivaini.


“You know Varric...the way you handle Bianca is rather suggestive.” Amell observes slyly while they set up camp, “I know if I was interested in you, I’d be a bit jealous.”

“What can I say, a beautiful woman needs lots of attention,” Varric smirks, caressing his crossbow, before tilting his head towards the Mage, “That wasn’t an idle comment was it Commander.”

“Not at all.” Amell informs him, and looks pointedly to where Sigrun and Isabella are gathering wood for the fire, “You might be selling the wrong vibe there sweetheart.”


“So I have to ask sweet thing,” Isabella smirks down at Sigrun, “Is the spyglass a replacement for another long smooth thing in your life? Do you touch it just so because you miss having a different rod in your hand...?”

“The way I handle my spyglass is in no way suggestive Isabella.”

“Oh?” The pirate drawls, leaning in, “So I’m imagining the glazed look on Varric’s face every time you fondle it?”

“He...what?” Sigrun looked at her in shock, “No!”

Isabella waggles her eyebrows.

“He does not!”

“Oh he totally does!” Isabella coos with delight, “And you get a bit short of breath when he handles Bianca. Honestly the pair of you just need to get in there and rip...”

“Bella!” Amell calls from the other side of the camp, “Come hunting with me?”

Isabella grins broadly and winks at Sigrun, “Wouldn’t miss it sweet thing.”


The other two are gone and Varric and Sigrun stare at one another, unsure of where to start.

“Sigrun.” Varric begins, and the rogue looks over at him, “This is much easier in the stories I tell. And when it’s my family setting me up with a woman who wants to kill me....”

“You know what.” Sigrun says, moving over to crouch before him, crawling onto his lap, “Words just get in the way.”

“Like clothes.”

“We shouldn’t use them.”


“Words. Although we can get rid of the clothes too.”

“I like the way you think...”


Sigrun snuggled happily closer to Varric in the warmth of their tent, wrapping an arm comfortably around him as she nuzzled his impressive chesthair. It was just as soft and comfortable as she imagined, but the reality was even better as she felt the man’s chest rumble with a contented chuckle at her actions. Not to mention his nimble fingers stroking through her loosened hair.

“This is good.” She murmured, closing her eyes, “I think we can count the lack of words and clothes as a success.”

Varric laughed softly.

“I agree, although I hope to use both words and clothes with you as well. Pleasurable as the lack of words and clothes was, I want more.”

She smiled and ran her nails lightly through his chest hair again, “You are aware that technically I’m dead right?”

“Only to the Dwarven kingdom. You seem very much alive to me.”

“Well then, if that doesn’t bother you, we’ll have to see won’t we.”

He kissed her softly, and then they lay there, twined together until sleep claimed them.

Outside in the clearing, Isabella and Amell grinned at one another, and after a soft hi five, they also fell asleep, cuddling the left behind spyglass and crossbow.
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