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Why cricket is worth taking a week off from work...

WARNING: This picspam includes underwear, abs and pouncing...

...definately... )
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Another set of reasons why Cricket is a sport to support...

Warning: Abs ahead...

Pictorial Reasons to love Cricket )

Enjoy ;)
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So last time I let you know why I love cricket in a series of pictures...this is the even sillier sequel. In Video!

Featuring the talented flying Paul Collingwood, the amazing Adam Gilchrist, the musical talent of Brett Lee and the acting skills of Mike Hussey, Michael Clarke, Matthew Hayden and Andrew Symonds.

Enjoy xD!

...Why I love cricket...I think... )
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It strikes me that most American's probably don't know much about the great sport of cricket, and if they know anything they think it is a really, dull sport. Hell lots of people do. But its a game of subtlety and teamwork, which makes it a bit more difficult to understand than most simple games.

So here in pictures, featuring the English cricket team and the Australian Cricket team, including the inspirational Mr Hussey... I present...

Why I Love Cricket

Why I Love Cricket )
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Maddy's rankings of the players in the England and Australian Squad's respectively...(*cough* scores may be affected by how much I like said person. Hey never said I wasn't biased!)

Lets start with England...

England Scores! )

Now onto AUSTRALIA!!

Australia Scores! )

England win Ashes 2-1...

Bring on the One Day Series and 2010/11 Bitches!!


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