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Maddy's rankings of the players in the England and Australian Squad's respectively...(*cough* scores may be affected by how much I like said person. Hey never said I wasn't biased!)

Lets start with England...

England Scores! )

Now onto AUSTRALIA!!

Australia Scores! )

England win Ashes 2-1...

Bring on the One Day Series and 2010/11 Bitches!!
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Hey all!

- The 5th Ashes test is underway at the Oval. To my American friends who have absolutely no clue what that means, it means this. The Ashes are the most hotly contested sporting contest in Australia and England. The sport is Cricket and it is perhaps the most gruelling and epic of battles.

1 test goes for 5 days

Ashes series are 5 tests.

So five tests are played, and each are five days long, unless one team kicks the stuffing out of the other. Sadly for Australia I believe we well may lose the Entire series, which will result in England being unbearable for at least a year and a half until we can yank it back.

Ricky Ponting + Selectors? I blame you.

- So sadly the two little possums I got on Tuesday died. Xanthe died on Tuesday evening and Gaila died in my hand on Wednesday. Sadly they were just too young to live without their mummy, which was heartbreaking.

- We have now got Penny the little little lorrikeet. She is 1 1/2 weeks old, about the length of my pointer finger in height and is the cutest little thing ever. Completely grey of course, and with little black eyes that gaze up at you with adoration. Being a mummy to a bird can be so rewarding.

- Got three more rescues yesterday. Got Edward who is an adorable little ringtail whoes fur is so soft, and is all gentle and sooky. He is now buddied up with George and the two of them have a coward fest in the big cage in the laundry. We also got a Mummy Brushtail with her baby. Brushtails look like this guys, and a baby brushie looks like this

- Am now going to spam you all with past pictures of cute critters I have cared for...:D



Various Maddy critters of the Past. )


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