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Title: Birthday Cheese
Author: [livejournal.com profile] miss_m_cricket
Fandom: Dragon Age
Pairing: Alistair/F!Cousland (Ephena Cousland)
Prompter: [livejournal.com profile] the_flowergirl
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Alistair/f!Cousland-You ordered me a cheese wheel?

Summary: Alistair had few memories of his varying birthdays throughout the years.


Birthday Cheese

Alistair had few memories of his varying birthdays throughout the years.

His early ones were at Redcliffe castle, with a small special dinner and a few gifts, and he remembered them only for the warm feeling he felt at being special, and loved. Later his birthdays passed without little celebration as he was inducted into the Chantry cloister. He always remembered the date though and after becoming a Grey Warden and seeing other small celebrations he looked forward to his own birthday.

Then Ostagar happened.

Once again his birthday passed unremarked, apart from Ephena making him a small cheese sandwich with a lit twig sticking out of it. The offering had made him laugh, but he had appreciated the gesture.

After everything they had been through, he didn’t expect her to remember.

Now he was King, the Blight had been defeated and holidays were being celebrated around the nation in his honour. A feast had been prepared and all of the most important nobles of the realm were going to be in attendance.

But the most important thing was the news that arrived the morning of his birthday.

Riders had been spotted on the roads to the capital and they were flying the flag of Amaranthine and the Grey Wardens.

Alistair rode out of the gates to meet his Queen, smiling at the sight of her kitted out in the official armour of the Grey Wardens, her dark hair loose about her face and blue eyes warm as she approached. He knew citizens of the city were clustered up on the walls, and spilling out onto the road behind him, keen for a glimpse of their king and his Hero Queen.

They drew up alongside one another and Ephena grinned at him, “Husband.” She greeted demurely.

“Wife.” He returned, chuckling at her, “I wondered if I would have to drag you out of Amaranthine if I wanted to see you.”

“I do emerge for special occasions.” Ephena Cousland laughed, reaching out to stroke his cheek, “Speaking of...I have a gift for you.”

“Is it a kiss?” Alistair asked hopefully, “Cause Maker knows I’d like one of those...”

“In a moment.” His wife blithely said, steering them both back down the lines of the horses to a carriage carrying something large and bulky under a careful covering. “Nathaniel!” She called, waving at a sullen man beside the cart and Alistair was startled to recognise him as Howe’s eldest son, “Lift the covers!”

The man rolled his eyes and began to tug at the covering when another man rode up beside him and stretched out his hand. Magic crackled through the air and the covering lifted into the air and drifted down to cover Nathaniel Howe. The other man, the dangerous Apostate, Alistair recalled, burst out laughing as swearing floated across the air towards them from the enraged Howe.

Ephena shook her head at them both. “Boys! Behave!”

“Yes Commander.” Anders snickered, “You heard the lady Nathaniel. Behave!”

“I’d like to see you behave with my knife in your gut Anders.”

“You don’t mean that.”

“Are they always like that?” Alistair asked his wife, arching an eyebrow, “They don’t seem very respectful.”

“This is them on their best behaviour.” Ephena warned him fondly, “They are usually so much worse.” Then she led him forward and gestured at the great shape that had been revealed by Nathaniel’s covering.

Alistair’s mouth fell open.

A huge, the largest he’d ever seen, wheel of cheese.

“You got me cheese.” He grinned at her soppily, “I love you so much.”

And he cut off her laugh by leaning in and capturing her lips in a kiss.

Cheering filled the air from the city, and whooping and cat calls came from the caravan of Grey Wardens. But Ephena and Alistair, engrossed in one another, didn’t care.

It was the best birthday he’d ever had.
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