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Today is going to be day 1!

Very excited and happy and tired because dammit 7:30 isnt really the sleep in I crave...but it'll be worth it I hope.

At 11am is the Simon Pegg panel so we're getting there in plenty of time to warm up. The queues are likely to be horrendous.

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Softly love and to love softly.
Dew on the sycamore branch.
By the creaking gate
Where my heart hurries afterwards
Through the path of wheat
Along the briar,
To that stone,
Under which I lie.

- From "The Tudors" , Princess Margaret

* Am so busy I am surprised I can find time to breathe let alone do anything else. Semester 2 at TAFE is in full swing, Possum breeding season is upon us and I haven't had a chance to see Kade, my lease horse, in over a week. That in itself makes me a little unhappy. But there is a good thing about being so drastically busy, it leaves me no opportunity to dwell, and dwelling can be rather bad.

* However the fact that I am busy does not mean the Carniverous Plot bunnies have left me alone. Oooooh no. In fact they are biting harder than ever.

* Thinking of writing a DoomTrek fic where Reaper isn't Bones...I have most of the fic planned out in my head, and the music that is inspiring it is racing around in my brain too. It's just a matter of knuckling down and actually putting fingers on the keys.

* Also racing around my head is Part 6 of Reaper of Bones. Again I know what is going to happen in this chapter but I just need a way to start it. Must flick through DOOM novelisation on the way home. But I will give whoever is reading this a little hint. Assassins Creed played a huge part in planning out this chaper, not specifically Altair but Abstergo Industries. :)

* To finish off this rambling disertation about my life and my writing I am also going to pimp the comm [livejournal.com profile] doom_slash. It's a new one, but could really use some support to get it going. *encourages you all*

Hope everyone is having a nice day/night/afternoon!


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